Walt Disney Animation Stuido’s Short Circuit film series, will launch on Disney+ with three original short films. The three shorts debuted this week during the Annecy Film Festival in France and Disney has shared official descriptions and artwork from each short.

What’s happening:

  • In recent years, Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) launched a new program open to all of their studio employees called, Short Circuit.
  • The main objective of the program is to encourage anyone to pitch an idea for a short film and if selected see it through to production.
  • The first three Short Circuit films produced by WDAS premiered this week at the Annecy Film Festival and will later be available for streaming on Disney+.

“Exchange Student” Directed by Natalie Nourigat

  • “Life is hard enough for an exchange student at a new school, but as the only Earthling at a school for Aliens, the central character in this fanciful story is the ultimate outsider and must prove her worth to be accepted by her unusual new classmates.”

 “Just a Thought” Directed by Brian Menz

  • “An awkward 12-year old boy named Ollie faces “bubble trouble” when his infatuation for a girl is embarrassingly revealed as his innermost thoughts take the form of a physical thought bubble. When the bubble takes on a life of its own, Ollie struggles to keep his thoughts under control and hidden from his seventh grade crush.”

 “Jing Hua (Flower in the Mirror)” Directed by Jerry Huynh

  • Using Chinese-style landscape paintings as a visual inspiration, this film follows the story of a grieving woman who pays tribute to her recently departed teacher by creating a painted world using a magical form of kung fu.”

Fun Facts: