Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has announced its lineup for the September edition of Treasures from the Disney Vault. Hosted by film critic Leonard Maltin, this show will take viewers through some classic films from the early days of Disney.

Via IMDb

Via IMDb

What’s happening:

  • TCM’s Treasures from the Disney Vault will air on Monday, September 2nd beginning at 8pm ET.
  • This late summer lineup includes:
    • One feature containing two animated segments
    • Four feature length films
    • Three animated short films

Treasures from the Disney Vault lineup: 

Previously on Treasures from the Disney Vault:

  • Over the past 19 installments of Treasures from the Disney Vault, Leonard Maltin has been taking fans on deep dive into classic Disney film history.
  • The most recent evening of entertainment aired on June 25th and featured sleuth-themed movies. Our own Alex shared what’s special about each film in his overview of this fantastic series.