Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark” Renewed for Second Season at Hulu

Looks like we have another year of nightmares coming in the near future. Blumhouse’s horror anthology series Into the Dark has been renewed for a second season at Hulu, according to Vulture.

  • Into the Dark launched last October, with a new episode coming out each month, focused on a holiday or occasion from that month.
  • Season one will end with the September episode, titled “Pure,” which will hit Hulu on September 6.
  • You can read Mack’s reviews of each of ten of the previous 11 episodes, including the most recent episode, “School Spirit.”
  • For some of the new episodes, Blumhouse will reportedly be looking into the idea of “quasi-sequels” for some of the fan-favorite characters from the series.
  • Twelve new episodes of the series will begin hitting Hulu this October and running through September 2020.

What they’re saying:

  • Blumhouse TV Co-President Marci Wiserman: “What we want to replicate is the kind of the filmmaker-driven vision for the films. We’ve brought Hulu filmmakers who are vision first, script later, and they have been unbelievable partners in letting us build this collection.”
  • Hulu Vice President Jordan Helman: “Into the Dark allows us to super-serve one of our most engaged and passionate audiences.”
  • Wiserman on the range of topics used for Into the Dark: “The idea is diversity of entertainment within the collection rather than sameness. We lean into the fact that it’s a fun experience to come every month and you don’t quite know what’s coming, rather than seeing something expected.”
  • Wiserman on selecting artists to create these episodes: “This is really an opportunity to have people who are iconoclasts or people who don’t work within the system traditionally to come and work with us in a very regimented system with all this infrastructure. They get to really play within that system to see their kind of creative vision.”