Update 2: The website now appears to working smoothly as several users have reported signing up for Disney+ through it. You can information on the Disney+ offer here:

Update: D23 has tweeted out a message regarding today’s outage:

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Attendees at D23 Expo 2019 in Anaheim last weekend got the first crack at subscribing for Disney+ with a special offer. Last night, that offer was extended to all D23 members. Now, unfortunately, it appears D23.com is suffering from a bit of a “glitch.”

  • D23 Members (General, Gold or Gold Family) can sign up for Disney+ in one of two ways:
    • Via the email link sent to them
    • By logging into their D23.com account and clicking “view account” then clicking “redeem now”
  • The promotional offer is only valid for US residents with US payment methods.
  • This promotional offer of $46.99 per year, if accepted, entitles the bearer to a one-time discount of $69.00 off the regular price of a three-year subscription to Disney+ ($209.97).  
  • The offer will be available from now through September 2, 2019, though due to the current glitch, those looking to sign up are currently out of luck.
  • Many prospective subscribers have taken to Twitter to share their frustration with the glitch.

Were you able to sign up for the special D23 Member offer for Disney+? Let us know in the comments below.



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