Following guest complaints, Shanghai Disney Resort has changed their “no outside food” policy now allowing select foods into the park.

What’s happening:

  • Shanghai Disney Resort has recently changed its no outside food rule and is now allowing guests to bring in their own snacks.
  • According to a report from and the Wall Street Journal, Disney made the changes after Chinese guests had filed complaints of discrimination.
  • One guest, a Chinese law student, even went so far as to sue Disney over this rule after becoming involved in a dispute with security. The ruling on her case is still pending.
  • A statement from Shanghai Disneyland says guests can now bring their own food “provided they are not in containers with reheating capabilities, do not require preparation and are for self-consumption.”
  • However this doesn’t clear everything and gives examples of foods that are not allowed:
    • Instant noodles that require hot water
    • Food kept in containers with reheating capabilities
    • Watermelon
    • Durian
    • Stinky fermented bean curd
  • Previously, guests had been allowed to bring their own bottled (no glass, no alcohol) beverages into the park and that rule has not changed. And for guests who don’t have their own beverages, Shanghai Disneyland does have drinking fountains and hot water dispensers that are free to use.
  • The Wall Street Journal points out that this food ban wasn’t just for Shanghai, but all of Disney’s Aisa parks including one in Hong Kong and two in Tokyo, Japan.
  • It’s not clear if this change in policy applies to all the Asia parks or just Shanghai.
  • Disney Resorts have always provided guests with plenty of dining options both inside and outside of the parks, but it’s not uncommon for guests to want to bring their own food for various reasons.
  • Guests with dietary restrictions and food allergies are encouraged to speak to a Cast Member about modified menu offerings and substitutions.


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