We’re just over a month away from the launch of Disney+ and Marvel has a first look at some of the content you’ll see when it launches. Marvel’s Hero Project will prove It doesn’t take super powers to make you a hero.

About Marvel’s Hero Project:

  • Marvel also recently shared the official trailer for their upcoming series, Marvel’s Hero Project.
  • The series will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting on November 12, the same day that Disney+ launches!
  • Marvel.com says Hero Project will look at several extraordinary, inspiring kids highlighting the work they've done in their communities across the country.
  • Their causes are as diverse as they are, and on Marvel's Hero Project, Marvel comic editors found a way to tell their stories.
  • In every episode, each outstanding kid will be surprised to find out that they've been immortalized in a Marvel Comic as a brand new Super Hero, putting them among the ranks of the Marvel heroes they love.
  • These new heroic adventures will be available for free in Marvel Unlimited and the Marvel Digital Comics Store!
  • It doesn't take an iron suit, super strength, or a mythical hammer to be a hero — just seeing a problem and having the passion to solve it in a creative way is what makes these kids heroes.
  • Now fans around the world will be able to see their stories and be inspired by them.

  • “Have you ever met anyone, of any age, who inspired you to do better, be better, and strive for a better future? Finding young people who have made their own steps and forged their own paths towards the greater good was the first mission of Marvel's Hero Project — the next mission was to give these real-life heroes the recognition and celebration they deserved.”