Topps Launches Digital Collectibles App Disney Collect! by Topps

Just yesterday, The Topps Company launched a new digital collectibles app, Disney Collect! by Topps. Disney Collect! By Topps will provide fans a fun and engaging way to collect and trade their favorite characters in the form of unique digital collectables, complete missions, and more.

What’s happening:

  • In honor of Mickey’s 91st birthday, The Topps Company Inc. launched its newest digital collectibles app, Disney Collect! by Topps, available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.
  • Spanning 90+ years of ageless creations and storylines from The Walt Disney Studios – from “Steamboat Willie” to Frozen 2 – the app will showcase decades of never- before-digitized content, daily releases, and limited-time exclusives, making it the premiere destination for Disney enthusiasts to collect and trade.
  • Disney Collect! is available worldwide and can be found in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

About Disney Collect!:

  • Users will join a passionate community of Disney fans eager to expand their fandom into a new world of digital collectibles.
  • The app offers a fun and engaging way for fans to collect and trade their favorite characters, complete card collecting missions, and unlock content spanning original animation sketches to present day live-action recreations.
  • Disney super fans can also personalize their profile by showcasing their favorite collectibles and choosing character-based avatars, several of which feature characters from the upcoming film, Frozen 2.
  • This collaboration brings yet another major IP to Topps’ already impressive digital collectibles app portfolio.
  • Disney Collect! by Topps is the third app from the iconic trading card brand affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, joining Star Wars: Card Trader and Marvel Collect! by Topps.

What they’re saying:

  • Tobin Lent, VP & Global General Manager of Topps Digital: “Disney’s library of content is a treasure trove spanning more than 90 years, filled to the brim with culturally iconic characters. We’re thrilled to be able to tap into this expansive collection, bringing the magic of Disney directly to fans all over the world through a re-imagined collectibles experience in the palm of their hands.”

About Topps:

  • Founded in 1938, The Topps Company, Inc. is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of physical and digital sports cards, entertainment cards and collectibles, and distinctive confectionery products.
  • Topps’ leading sports and entertainment products include:
    • Major League Baseball
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    • Bundesliga
    • Star Wars
    • WWE
    • UFC
    • Wacky Packages
    • Garbage Pail Kids
    • Mars Attacks
    • Trading cards
    • Sticker album collections
    • Collectibles
  • Topps’ digital trading card apps portfolio, which has been a hit with millions of fans around the world, currently includes:
    • Topps BUNT
    • Topps NFL HUDDLE
    • Topps Star WarsSM: Card Trader
    • Topps WWE Slam
    • Topps NHL SKATE
    • The Walking Dead: Card Trader
    • Marvel Collect! by Topps
  • Topps’ confectionery brands include:
    • Ring Pop
    • Push Pop
    • Baby Bottle Pop
    • Juicy Drop  Pop
    • Bazooka bubble gum
  • Topps was acquired by Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company and Madison Dearborn Partners in October 2007.
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