Friends on the other side are just that….Friends. So on Valentine’s Day, Villains have a right to be pop up, maybe a little angry, or, as they appear at the Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, maybe a little delicious.

What’s Happening:

  • With all the attention on Disney Couples on Valentine’s Day, some of the famous Villains need a little love too, and there is no way faster to one’s heart than through food.
  • At Walt Disney World in Florida, guests can head over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort’s Contempo Cafe and find a delicious assortment of villain themed treats.
  • Get the job done with a  Cruella De Vil Cupcake.  a vanilla cupcake with an Oreo filling, red vanilla buttercream, and a fondant cape with a green broach.
  • A Maleficent flourless cake is actually invited to the party, glazed in purple white-chocolate glaze and dark chocolate horns.
  • “Long live the king” with a Scar peanut butter pie, which is a peanut butter tart with cocoa powder and a white-chocolate garnish that has Scar himself printed across it.
  • Poor unfortunate souls will enjoy the Ursula confetti cake, vanilla cake with a blueberry filling, purple vanilla buttercream, a dark purple white chocolate glaze, black sprinkles and a white chocolate shell.
  • Don’t worry, the Captain Hook cupcake doesn’t taste like an old codfish, it’s a chocolate cake in a red liner, with blue and white swirled vanilla buttercream, Swedish Fish, complete with a chocolate plank and a white chocolate garnish featuring Captain Hook himself.
  • The cards, the cards, they can see a Dr. Facilier Cookie sandwich that may itself be hiding some kind of parlor trick with a delicious white chocolate garnish featuring the hat of the famed shadowman.
  • Surprisingly lacking on the apple, The Evil Queen fruit tart is an almond cake baked tart with blueberry and raspberry with a white chocolate garnish featuring the once fairest one in the land.
  • A cupcake with pumpkin custard, two blue buttercreams, silver sanding sugar, and a white chocolate garnish featuring Hades will have us dying to head to the underworld, and maybe even sell our soul too. Sorry, Meg.
  • No one’s sweet as Gaston, especially with his caramel cupcake with a Dulce de Leche filling, gold vanilla buttercream with a dark chocolate belt and gold belt buckle.
  • It appears that each of these treats is available as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan, but we don’t know how long these treats will be at the Contempo Cafe, so be sure to grab one on your next visit to Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

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