Disney Casts Peter and Wendy for Upcoming Live-Action Release “Peter Pan & Wendy”

Even though there have been plenty of live-action versions and re-tellings of the famous story, Peter Pan, like Hook, Pan, and Peter Pan (2003), the animated classic from Walt Disney Animation Studios has been the most successful, with the Walt Disney Studios looking to make a live-action adaptation of that story. According to Variety, they have now found their leads for an upcoming live-action theatrical release.

What’s Happening:

  • The Walt Disney Studios is developing a live-action retelling of the famous J.M. Barrie story, Peter Pan. Tentatively titled Peter Pan & Wendy, the film will be directed by David Lowery who previously directed the 2016 remake, Pete’s Dragon. Lowery and Toby Halbrooks (who also wrote Pete’s Dragon) will be working on the script.
  • Set to play Wendy will be Ever Anderson. Anderson is the real-life daughter of actress Milla Jovovich, having played a younger version of her mother in Resident Evil: Final Chapter but she will be seen on the big screen again in the coming months as the young version of Natasha Romanoff in Marvel’s Black Widow.
  • Alexander Molony is set to play Peter Pan, previously playing Charlie in the British comedy series, The Reluctant Landlord, and the titular role of Claude in the Disney Junior show, Claude.
  • When rumors first started swirling about a live-action Peter Pan remake, it was thought that it could be going directly to Disney+, similar to the version of Lady and the Tramp that debuted alongside the popular streaming service.
  • Perhaps due to the box office success of other live-action remakes like Aladdin and The Lion King, each making more than a billion dollars globally, and the upcoming release of Mulan garnering steam, it seems more and more likely that this will be a theatrical release.