Video: Baby Ben Solo Stars in New Episodes of “Star Wars: Roll Out” Animated Shorts

Back in August of last year, the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel debuted the first of thirteen animated shorts as part of a series entitled Star Wars Roll Out, which reimagines popular Star Wars characters as BB units. That first season wrapped up in November with a story arc called “Finn and the Busted Droids.”

Today, Star Wars Kids unveiled the first installment in a continuation of the Star Wars Roll Out series, this time focused on a (very) young Ben Solo and his adventures with his parents Han Solo and Leia Organa, plus their trusty Wookiee sidekick Chewbacca. “Ben Solo and the Bug Hunters” Chapter 1 is available for viewing right now!

Watch Ben Solo and the Bug Hunters – Chapter 1 | Star Wars Roll Out:

What’s happening:

  • The hit Star Wars Kids animated series Star Wars Roll Out has returned with the first of a new batch of episodes on YouTube.
  • This first new arc follows young Ben Solo as he gets into mischief around his home and aboard the Millennium Falcon, much to the frustration of his father Han Solo.
  • The official synopsis for “Ben Solo and the Bug Hunters” Chapter 1 is as follows: “Sweet but chaotic Ben Solo keeps bungling the plans of his dad Han and his Uncle Chewbacca. When he secretly tags along on their mission to capture some crystal butterflies, a gang of rival Bug Hunters make Ben look like the least of their problems!

In the past it’s been clear that Star Wars Roll Out is considered non-canonical to the larger Star Wars mythos, but “Ben Solo and the Bug Hunters” seems grounded enough that it could theoretically fit somewhere in the established timeline. One has to wonder if tying Ben to a pipe on the Falcon is what caused his eventual turn to the Dark Side.

Further episodes of “Ben Solo and the Bug Hunters” and more Star Wars Roll Out adventures are expected to be released on a weekly basis at the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.