Disney Emoji Blitz has finally made its debut in Japan from developer Jam City.


What’s Happening:

  • Disney Emoji Blitz, the popular match-3 game, has finally debuted in Japan on April 1st, 2020.
  • The game turns popular Disney characters into emojis with a variety of expressions that can be played in a puzzle drop match-3 game.
  • Characters in the game span over 90 years of Disney history and include other brands like Pixar and Star Wars.
  • The game is a worldwide success with over 30 million downloads and over 20 billion rounds played.
  • In celebration of the Japan launch, a special series of Winnie the Pooh springtime emojis will be added to the game during Japan’s Golden Week and Jam City is hosting special in-game giveaways throughout the month of April.
  • Japan is the second largest mobile gaming market in the world behind the US.
  • Disney Emoji Blitz is the first mobile game to come with a custom keyboard where players can use characters unlocked in game play as emoji stickets through their text messages.
  • Disney fans in Japan can start downloading Disney Emoji Blitz through the App Store and Google Play.
  • Characters from The Mandalorian, including Baby Yoda, were recently added to the game.