Industrial Light & Magic Pays Tribute to the Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Star Wars-Style

It’s a tough time for everybody around the world right now, but as tends to be the case during a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, a select group of heroes have stepped up to help try and make things better. That’s why artists from Lucasfilm’s in-house visual effects department Industrial Light & Magic banded together to create celebratory drawings and paintings depicting doctors, nurses, teachers, food service workers, mail carriers, and more hard-working individuals who are devoting themselves to community improvement during this emergency situation– all with a Star Wars twist of course.

The following images (plus the equally amazing one above) were shared by today and represent the “Heroes of the Pandemic: ILM Art Jam” project, as also posted on Industrial Light & Magic’s social media feeds.

What’s happening:

  • Lucasfilm’s VFX house Industrial Light & Magic (AKA ILM) has created the ““Heroes of the Pandemic: ILM Art Jam,” celebrating the everyday heroes of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The project’s paintings and illustrations were shared on social media and collected at
  • Each artist gave his or her own commentary about their work on the official Star Wars news post.

What they’re saying:

  • Pablo Dominguez Aguilar: “My inspiration for this one comes from the hard work teachers need to do these days to keep all their students educated. I think they are doing such a great job.”
  • Amy Beth Christenson: “I wanted to thank everyone that is involved with restocking the stores, especially since it’s so stressful to be short on some supplies right now.”
  • Ignatia Dwiastuti: “Staying home as much as possible has been made easier by the food delivery drivers that [are] still working hard on the road.”
  • Julien Gauthier: “I was impressed by how easy the transition to work from home was, thanks to the hard work of the I.T. team.”
  • Eduardo Pena Garzon: “I chose the healthcare system. Friends and family members are in this hand-to-hand combat. I hope our works boost and deliver magic to these heroes.”

For the full lineup of artist commentary alongside their respective artwork, be sure to visit the “Heroes of the Pandemic: ILM Art Jam” post at