The Avengers Reassemble in New Teaser for Upcoming War Table Event for “Marvel’s Avengers”

Marvel fans have been waiting patiently for the release of Marvel’s Avengers after it was delayed back in January. Luckily, Marvel released a video today teasing an upcoming “War Table” event that will give fans a closer look at the upcoming game.

  • The video addresses worries of another delay to the highly anticipated game and quotes them by once again sharing the September 4 release date.
  • The video also shares a date for a “War Table” event on June 24 that promises:
    • New Trailers
    • A look at Co-Op Gameplay
    • A look at Story Missions
  • We also see the #Reassemble which will be used to promote the release of the game.

More on Marvel’s Avengers:

  • Marvel’s Avengers is a brand new third person action adventure game with an all new original story.
  • The new, original, story starts on A-Day at the opening celebration of the Avengers West Coast Headquarters at the reveal of a brand new crystal reactor.
  • After being blamed for a disastrous explosion destroying San Francisco, the Avengers are forced to disband due to government pressure and public backlash. With them gone, a new organization, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) comes about to protect the world, which after 5 years changes the world into a very different place.
  • Trying to make a safer world through science, AIM has replaced superhumans with advanced AI Synthetics. But under the surface, a conspiracy against superheroes begins to unfold.
  • With all superheroes outlawed, a fan of the avengers, Kamala Khan, embarks on a quest to prove the heroes’ innocence and become who she was destined to be
  • Kamala Khan plays an essential role as the catalyst to reassemble the team with her unique perspective and incredible powers. Only together can the Avengers overcome the dangers of this new world.
  • Discover the world, improve your Gear, customize Skills, unlock Outfits, and reassemble the Avengers!
  • The game will also offer online play, allowing players to assemble a team of up to four to customize a growing roster of heroes and help protect, or at the very least avenge, the Earth
  • The game’s voice cast includes:
    • Troy Baker as Bruce Banner
    • Jeff Schine as Captain America
    • Nolan North as Iron Man,
    • Travis Willingham as Thor
    • Laura Bailey as Black Widow