Marvel’s upcoming major comic crossover event, “Empyre,” will be hitting stores next month. In anticipation for the epic new event, Marvel has released a trailer, featuring some never-before-seen artwork.

  • After millennia of war, Emperor Hulkling has united the Kree and Skrull empires into one powerful Alliance – and only the Avengers and Fantastic Four stand in their path as their armada bears down upon the Earth.
  • The trailer above teases some major plot points from “Empyre,” including Captain Marvel becoming an accuser, the fall of Black Panther and the betrayal of the Avengers by one of their own.
  • Marvel also shared a few shots of some of the pages form the upcoming story.

  • Previously, Marvel shared looks at covers for two one-shots: “Empyre #0 Avengers,” which will be released on June 24, and “Empyre #0 Fantastic Four,” which will be released July 8.

  • What does it take to build an Empyre? Be sure to read “Empyre #1,” when it goes on sale July 15 in comic shops and on the Marvel Comics App, to find out.

What they’re saying:

  • Co-writer Dan Slott: “The Kree/Skrull war is one of the deepest cuts in the Marvel cosmos. And whether you’re new to the Marvel Universe or have been a fan since the very beginning, EMPYRE will touch on a part of this conflict you care about.
  • Co-writer Al Ewing: “The two star-spanning empires have kept each other in check for generations, keeping each other from getting too strong, so both of them aligning together after all this time is probably bad news. Some of the twists and turns we’ve got waiting for readers will be genuinely shocking.”