The LEGO astronaut model that was unveiled last year at Kennedy Space Center has since found a new home. The massive LEGO brick model is now on display at its permanent home at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

What’s Happening: 

  • In celebration of today’s historic launch of NASA’s 2020 Mars Perseverance rover, an out-of-this-world display has landed at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.
  • This life-size LEGO astronaut model is comprised of almost 66,000 LEGO bricks! In addition to the astronaut model, LEGOLAND Florida guests will also enjoy a moon landing-inspired mosaic background built from more than 44,000 LEGO bricks.
  • Originally built last year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, these stellar models have been on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex since their construction.
  • Starting today, space and LEGO fans alike can enjoy this awesome replica moon lander and giant space man in their permanent home in the Imagination Zone at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

Facts About the Model:

  • One model designer spent 143 hours designing the astronaut
  • Five model builders spent a combined 450 hours building the astronaut
  • Approximately 65,600 LEGO bricks were used to construct the astronaut model


Facts About the LEGO Mosaic Background:

  • One model designer spent 58 hours designing the mosaic
  • Six model builders spent a combined 480 hours building the mosaic
  • Approximately 44,500 LEGO bricks and 23 different colors were used to complete the mosaic