Marel took their time in the Hasbro PulseCon spotlight to focus on some new characters coming this Fall and then a look ahead to 2021. While the Avengers line this fall is inspired by the Avengers video game, there are also some comic inspired figures. Looking ahead, Hasbro focused on Spider-Man, Villains, and the X-Men. So without further ado, here is our recap.

First we have the Marvel Legends reveals for Fall 2020. For those that bought the Hellfire Club PulseCon exclusive, Hasbro is offering to complete the collection with the Hellfire Club Guard figure. As seen in the comics, the Hellfire Club has several guards, so you may want to pick up more than one. The figure includes 2 accessories and retails for $14.99.

Next we have the 2020 Fan Vote winner, Silk from Marvel Comics. This figure includes 7 figures and retails for $19.99 and is already available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse.

From the Marvel Legends premium role-play line is the Stormbreaker from Avengers: Endgame. Thor’s new weapon features sounds, lights, and incredible detail. It makes a great companion piece for those that purchased the MCU Mjolnir.

Next we have the 2020 Avengers wave that includes a build-a-figure of Joe Fixit, who has quickly become a favorite iteration of the Hulk in the Marvel’s Avengers video game. This wave each features a piece of Joe Fixit, which can be assembled when all the figures are purchased. Two of the releases in his wave are inspired by the video game with Atmosphere Iron Man and Stealth Captain America. The line is rounded-out with comics inspired figures, Falcon, Jocasta, Kang, and Thunderstrike. All of these figures are already up for pre-order.

Next, the Marvel team discussed their new 3.75 inch retroline. These figures are inspired by the idea of what would happen if Kenner had the Marvel license back in their heyday. They come in two-packs with Iron Man &  Black Panther, Spider-Man with Electro, Iron Man with Cyclops, and Captain America & Black Panther. The Iron Man and Black Panther set are enhanced with a metallic look.

Hasbro also has a 2021 Spider-Man wave. The first two figures in this wave are inspired by Into the Spider-Verse, with more accurate interpretations of Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider. It should be noted that Ghost-Spider comes with a Spider-Hamm accessory. The Build-A-Figure for this wave is Stilt-Man. What is neat about Stilt-Man is that you can keep adding legs to make him taller and taller. In a considerate move, Hasbro included the legs with The Hand Ninja, a troop builder figure who you may want multiples of. More to come on this wave soon.

Looking further ahead, Hasbro previewed some upcoming villains figures including Arcade, Dormammu, and a classic comics inspired Thanos. Speaking of Thanos, a “Thanos Wins” Silver Surfer figure which will be exclusive to Walgreens in the United States and EB Games in Canada. If you haven’t read that comic storyline, check out the trade as it is excellent.

There is also a new X-Men wave coming in 2021 inspired by the House of X storyline. First is Moira MacTaggert, who plays a big role in that story. This line also includes House of X Xavier, and House of X Magneto. It is cool that Hasbro was able to create this figures so soon after the comic debuted.

Next is a retro X-Men line which reinvents some classic X-Men figures in the six-inch scale. First is Gambit who comes with both card throwing and pole holding. He also has a new hair sculpt based on fan feedback. And you can’t have Gambit without Rogue. She has both gloved hands and “power stealing” hands. These retro figures will be exclusive to Target in the United States and Toys R Us in Canada.

The final reveal was the often-requested Firestar who originated in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series. We don’t know much about this figure yet, but the Hasbro Marvel team used her to show that they are listening to fans about what figures they want to flesh out their collection.

The team promised that even more reveals will be coming in the next few months. Due to the delays in the MCU, it was odd to not hear of any MCU figures, but it is understandable that they will want to time those figures to their release dates. Personally, I do hope we get some WandaVision figures at some point in 2021.

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