Romper has revealed that Disney Channel will be giving the Chibi Tiny Tails treatment to the Halloweentown stories beginning October 4th, with the first of three shorts now available on YouTube.

What’s Happening:

  • Halloweentown and its characters just got extra cute with a new Chibi Tiny Tails take on the Disney Channel Original Movie film series.
  • Disney debuted Chibi Tiny Tails in 2018 with Big Hero 6: The Series shorts, followed by Amphibia and most recently with a collection of Phineas and Ferb shorts.
  • The first of the Halloweentown shorts recaps the plot of the original 1998 film in which Marnie discovers she’s a witch when she follows her grandmother back home to Halloweentown and ends up saving the day from the evil Kalabar with help from her brother and sister.
  • The premiere short, viewable above, will make its Disney Channel debut on Sunday, October 4th.
  • The second short, coming October 11th, is called Haircut and will be an original story in which Agie and Marnie visit Halloweentown’s werewolf barber.
  • The third and final short in this series (for now) is called First Date Fright and premieres October 18th and follows Marnie on a date with Luke.
  • All four Halloweentown films are now streaming on Disney+.