Back in May, an individual made his way to Walt Disney World’s long-abandoned Discovery Island and was able to camp there for about a week before being caught, and has accepted a plea deal in his trespassing case according to WKMG.

What’s Happening:

  • Fans of Walt Disney World trespassing cases may recall during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown when the parks of the Walt Disney World Resort were still closed, one individual was able to get to the long-closed Discovery Island in the middle of Bay Lake and camp out for several days before being caught.
  • Discovery Island was closed in April of 1999, and has remained untouched and in a state of disrepair ever since, becoming a prime destination for “urban explorers” who trespass into high-profile locations, usually for their blog or YouTube account. This wasn’t the first time someone made it successfully onto the island, but the first time an individual got caught spending numerous days on the island.
  • The individual, Richard McGuire, was arrested on April 30th after a manhunt that took place in the abandoned island animal park. Mcquire is reported as having called the island a “tropical paradise” after having stayed there camping for several days according to the police report.
  • Body camera footage from the officers who searched for him on the island with guns drawn and choppers circling overhead has also been released, with some of the sherriffs remarking that they felt like they were in Jurassic Park, and that it was the best game of hide and seek they’ve ever played.
  • Mcguire, who filmed the whole thing for his YouTube account, has reportedly accepted a plea deal that will see him paying a $100 fine, plus court and prosecution costs. He entered a plea of no contest and shortly, the trespassing charge will not show up as a conviction on his criminal record. The plea was entered on September 30th, and the case is now considered closed.
  • Richard McGuire has been banned for life from entering Walt Disney World property.