Marvel Comics Shares Sneak Peek at First Issue of “King In Black: Black Knight”

Marvel comics is giving fans a sneak peek at the upcoming issue of Black Knight that’s part of the King In Black comic event. Coming in January 2021, Black Knight tells the story of the Ebony Blade-wielding Avenger.

What’s Happening:

  • Knull’s ferocious assault upon earth is soon at hand in King In Black, the monumental event spinning out of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s game-changing run on Venom.
  • Heroes across the Marvel Universe will be called upon to do battle against Knull and his army of symbiote dragons, including the Black Knight!
  • Join the Avenger as he takes up his sword and shield to defend against Knull’s unstoppable onslaught in King In Black: Black Knight #1. The first issue will be available in January 2021, wherever comic books are sold.

About Black Knight:

  • From the superstar creative team of writer Simon Spurrier (X-Men Legacy, X-Force) and artist Jesus Saiz (Star Wars, Captain America: Steve Rogers) comes the latest chapter in the legendary saga of Dane Whitman.
  • As the endless horde of symbiote dragons darken the skies of Shanghai, Black Knight will have to overcome the growing evil within himself while grappling with surprising discoveries about his past.
  • This epic issue will introduce new readers to the fan-favorite hero and reveal the bright future he has in the Marvel Universe, all amidst a vigorous battle that will go down in Marvel history!


  • King In Black: Black Knight #1
  • Written by Simon Spurrier
  • Art by Jesus Saiz
  • Cover by Dan Mora

What They’re Saying:

  • Simon Spurrier: “I've always had a soft spot for the Black Knight. On paper he's a splendid mashup of renaissance-fair fantasy and blood-drenched horror, somehow managing to hold his own alongside the bright sciencey heroes of the Marvel Universe. It should be an awkward fit — and maybe it is. Maybe that awkwardness is what really sings about this character.”
  • Simon Spurrier: “This is not your average hero. But then, King In Black is not your average event. In this crashing-together of eldritch shadows and global defenders, who better to come charging forth to slay some dragons (technically cosmic superpredators, but let's not split hairs) than a champion soaked in darkness of his own?”
  • Simon Spurrier: “King In Black: Black Knight takes the action to the skies above Shanghai and tangles the King in Black event with the fates of two extraordinary Chinese heroes. It glories in the ultra-rich painted art of Jesus Saiz, and verily, 'pon my troth, thou art mightily compelled to check it out.”