This winter, award winning director John Ridley will be exploring the story of a fan favorite Marvel Comics character: Wolverine. Ridley will make his Marvel debut with Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3 coming in January 2021.

What’s Happening:

  • Filmmaker and novelist John Ridley will be bringing his renowned writing talents to Marvel Comics, starting with Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood #3 in January.
  • The new upcoming series will feature top creators exploring Wolverine’s iconic legacy in tales set throughout the character’s storied history.
  • Ridley and superstar artist Jorge Fornés (Daredevil) will take Wolverine back to Japan, where he’ll confront his past while crossing blades with the Silver Samurai.
  • Marvel Comics is thrilled to welcome John Ridley to the Marvel Universe and excited to announce upcoming projects of his in the near future.

What He’s Saying:

  • John Ridley: “I can think of no better way to kick off my writing relationship with Marvel Comics than by contributing to a truly fantastic anthology series centered around Wolverine. Equally exciting is having the story illustrated by Jorge Fornés. I look forward to writing more stories set in the Marvel Universe, and with their roster of iconic characters.“

About John Ridley:

  • Best known as the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave as well as the creator and showrunner of the Emmy winning anthology series American Crime, Ridley is a celebrated talent whose impressive body of work has garnered numerous accolades.

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