Jeremiah was at SeaWorld Orlando today, and aside from treating us all to a live Park Walk and Talk, he also checked out the brand new Glacier Bar near the Wild Arctic attraction and the still-under-construction Ice Breaker roller coaster.

The Glacier Bar is a brand new offering at SeaWorld Orlando, occupying an area that was used as overflow queue space for the Wild Arctic simulator attraction. The attraction has not been open since the park reopened after being closed due to COVID-19 earlier this year, though the animal exhibit portion of the attraction is still open and accessible.

Aside from specialty drinks and cocktails, some small bites are also served up at the Glacier Bar, including these Bacon Cheddar Beef Sliders. You can also snack on a Truffle Veggie or BBQ Chicken Pizza, or some Peppered Brisket Waffle Fries.

Similar to the bar located at Sharks Underwater Grill across the park, the Glacier Bay bar also has televisions showcasing the latest sports game or local or national news.

As most restaurants are these days, Glacier Bar has no menus and can all be accessed by scanning a QR code that is displayed both on the bar and tables. Across from the bar, guests can also find a bank of Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines that they can use.

Letting no space go unused, tucked in the corner of the Glacier Bar area near the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, there is a small selection of Ice Breaker souvenirs, to commemorate the SeaWorld Orlando’s first launch coaster that is being built only a few steps away from the Glacier Bar and is set to open next year.

Interestingly, there is a souvenir pin that is for sale marking Ice Breaker’s original Inaugural Season of 2020, before the coaster got delayed until 2021. This will surely be a favorite for collectors who make their way to the Glacier Bar.

This wasn’t the only fun that was had by Jeremiah at SeaWorld Orlando today, you can watch his Park Walk and Talk from earlier this morning below!