National Geographic Launches Annual “The Year in Pictures” Campaign

National Geographic is known for their breathtaking photography, and with their new special issue coming this January, subscribers will be getting an incredible set showcasing 2020 in “The Year in Pictures.” However, if you can’t wait, they have created a digital hub that also includes exclusive content, like the best photos of the 21st century, with some of the best photos taken over the last decade.

Kris Graves/National Geographic

Kris Graves/National Geographic

What’s Happening:

  • National Geographic has launched “The Year in Pictures” campaign on both their website and the January issue of National Geographic magazine.
  • Photos in the issue will take a look at 2020 through the lens of various photographers as they give behind-the-scenes stories on how some of the incredible moments were captured.
  • The website features additional content including the best photos of the 21st century.
  • You can visit National Geographic's "The Year in Pictures" campaign hub at

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