Magic Kingdom’s it’s a small world appears to be in the final phase of its facade refurbishment, a project that started in January of this year. Construction walls and photo scrim are now on the exit to the classic attraction.

The project has not included a fresh coat of paint, but has also changed up the placement of the colors. Here’s the main entrance as it looked back in January.

And here it is now. What was pink is now green, what was blue is now pink and what was yellow is now blue.

“The happiest cruise that ever sailed” is now one of the brightest spots in all of Fantasyland.

The marquee has also been restored to its original brilliance. It’s a small world get repainted every few years to keep it looking fresh in the bright Florida sun.

With the project moving into its final phase, it feels like it won’t be long until it’s completely done.

The next time you visit Magic Kingdom, be sure to “Ooh” and “Aah” at the impressive new facade of one of the park’s most classic attractions.

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