The Tokyo Disney Resort is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas through a new video that they released today showcasing some of our favorite characters experiencing their own magic moments throughout the Japanese parks.

What’s Happening:

  • The Tokyo Disney Resort has released a new video today wishing guests around the world a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
  • The video features Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her village (which also happens to be the latest expansion to Tokyo Disneyland) reading some Christmas stories.
  • As she reads, we see the stories unfold and witness Donald and Daisy on a shopping excursion, Goofy decorating a tree with his son Max, and Mickey and Minnie on a date on the American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea.
  • Of course, these are Christmas stories, so we see a little magic from the Big Guy himself, Santa Claus, where he provides Donald with the gifts Daisy has her eyes on, a little help with Goofy and Max’s tree, and creates a magical snowfall for Mickey and Minnie.
  • As Belle closes her book, the magical snowfall continues for her and the Beast as they gaze upon their (new to Tokyo Disneyland) castle, where we see Santa flying overhead.

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