During a Twitter Watch Party for Pixar’s Soul, co-director Kemp Powers confirmed that the animation studio’s lucky charm, John Ratzenberger, is in the film, although the actor didn’t give a vocal performance.

What’s Happening:

  • John Ratzenberger has had at least a cameo role in every Pixar Animation Studios feature film going all the way back to Toy Story where he played Hamm.
  • When the credits were released for Pixar’s Soul, the actor was uncredited, leaving many to assume they had broken one of their longest traditions with the new film.
  • After Pete Docter confirmed in an interview that Ratzenberger is in the film, fans started speculating about when his voice could be heard in the film and who he played.
  • Today, during a Twitter Watch Party, Kemp Powers revealed that John Ratzenberger is in the film, but in a non-speaking role.

  • The tweet was in response to speculation from The Pixar Post.
  • A computer animated version of the actor can be seen 1-hour-and-8-minutes into the film when Joe Gardner chases 22 into the Subway station. He’s wearing a white dress shirt and a red tie.
  • This is John Ratzenberger’s first cameo in a Pixar film that doesn’t use the actor’s voice.
  • Pixar’s Soul is currently streaming exclusively on Disney+. Watch it again to catch Ratzenberger’s cameo and also be on the lookout for for these Easter Eggs.
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