Earlier today we were at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and though we’ve seen it previously on shopDisney, much of the “Reigning Cats and Dogs” merchandise is now available at the Emporium on Main Street USA.

Humans aren’t the only creatures that can get apparel from a shop at Walt Disney World, as there are plenty of pieces of clothing for your pet available as well, ranging from shirts to bandanas, and even graphic tees, and dresses.

Aside from apparel for your pet, there is also a series of toys, leashes, leads, and bowls that are available.

Of course, this collection isn’t strictly for the dogs (and cats), plenty of human gear is available too, and it features our favorite Disney animal friends.

You can also adorn your own paws with some of the collection with fun socks featuring the Disney Cats and Dogs.

There are also plenty of accessories, including water battles, bags, Loungefly bags, and picture frames featuring the characters.

And lastly, a puzzle pack featuring our favorite animated felines and canines.

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