EA Sends an Update on “Star Wars: Squadrons” Saying the Last Cosmetic Additions Will Come on May 4

Electronic Arts has released an update for Star Wars: Squadrons with a tease on what will be coming next and announcing the last cosmetic updates coming to the game will be released on May 4.

What’s Happening:

  • Star Wars: Squadrons released in October 2020, and although it was set to be a game without much in terms of updates after release, it has been anything but.
  • EA has been frequently updating the game not only with bug fixes, but cosmetic items for both your ships and pilots including character cosmetics, ship dashboard items, and new starfighters to take into battle for both sides of the conflict.
  • In the latest announcement, EA says that more balancing adjustments will be made to make sure the game stays fun and fair for everyone, no matter what ship you decide to use.
  • They also announced more cosmetic items to be revealed, reminding fans that Twitch Prime still has some free items coming in March, along with the release that occurred in early February.
  • The last cosmetic additions for the game are planned for May 4, but new operations awards will continue as you complete online challenges.

EA has also released some updates done to the game today:

  • Starfighters & Components
    • To bring the A-wing’s performance more in line with the other starfighters without impacting its role as an interceptor, we’ve made the following changes to it across the board. The A-wing should now require more skilled power management to use and be more prone to trading or losing in jousts.
  • A-wing shield capacity decreased by 20%
  • A-wing shield overcharge decay rate increased by 100% to match TIE defender’s

More “Star Wars: Squadrons”

  • Star Wars: Squadrons is a video game from Electronic Arts, Lucasfilm Games and EA Motive Studios.
  • The game is set after the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Read our review of the game.
  • Players can customize their characters and chips with cosmetic upgrades they earn through the game and receive through monthly downloads.
  • You can pick up the game on Amazon.