Chewbacca LEGO Statue On Display at Downtown Disney Through March 1st, 2021

“RRWWWGG!” That’s Shyriiwook for “A LEGO statue of Chewbacca is now on display at Downtown Disney through March 1st!”

What’s Happening:

  • Chewbacca, a hero of the rebellion who was unfairly not given a Medal of Yavin alongside Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (but reportedly given one later), is being celebrated now through March 1st at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.
  • Guests visiting Disney’s Orange County shopping destination, perhaps to visit the Star Wars Trading Post in its new Resistance base location, can stop by the LEGO Store to take a selfie with their favorite wookie, Chewbacca (sorry, Tarfful).
  • According to a tweet from Disneyland’s Legacy Passholder Twitter account, it took 36,540 Bricks to create the 7’5” Wookie and 275 hours to build, but doesn’t specify if that was a “Solo” task or one that was completed by an “Alliance.”
  • The new Star Wars Trading Post officially opens February 19th and Laughing Place will have full body pictures of LEGO Chewbacca to share.