Blizzard Beach reopened today, and despite the lower temperatures, we were on scene but something new caught our eye. New trash cans!

What’s Happening:

  • While at Disney’s Blizzard Beach earlier today, we came upon these new trash can lids at the newly reopened water park.
  • Visitors to the parks (after the great reopening in July) might have noticed that trash cans around Walt Disney World are, for the most part, perpetually propped open, so there was no reason to touch them in any way to dispense your refuse.
  • The new trash cans we’ve spotted today have no hinged door whatsoever, and are just a large opening for guests to toss their trash.
  • The shape of the new gap also differs from the already existing recycle bins, that also don’t have a swinging flap, though the trash can hole is significantly larger.
  • These new trash cans were spotted at Blizzard Beach, though it is likely they will start popping up in the theme parks over time.
  • Aside from noticing new Trash Cans, we spent the morning at Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World today, as today was the day the park reopened to the public with new safety protocols in place. You can check out more of our experience here!

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