Retail Offerings on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom In New Locations After Closure of Main Street Confectionary

The closure of the Main Street Confectionary at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has caused a ripple effect all throughout Main Street USA.

What’s Happening:

Not too long ago, the Main Street Cinema on Main Street USA at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom closed with little to no fanfare. Shortly after that, the Main Street Confectionary (neighboring the Cinema) closed along with The Chapeau on the other side of the store, and Disney announced a reimagining of the location in advance of the upcoming 50th anniversary.

The closure of the three stores has had a ripple effect along Main Street USA, as well as the rest of the park. The Art that was previously featured in the Main Street Cinema has made its way to Bonjour Village Gifts in Fantasyland.

Meanwhile, the hats and embroidery offerings that were previously available in The Chapeau have made their way over to Curtain Call Collectibles on the other side of the Town Square Theater, the former exit of the Meet Mickey area.

In an interesting turn of events, the Main Street Cinema has been populated with relocated candy from the Main Street Confectionary, with the theater marquee advertising that the cinema is now showing “Sweets and Treats.” The walls and shelves that once showcased the Art of Disney, and Virtual Magic Kingdom and actual Cartoon Shorts before that, are now adorned with candy and various offerings.

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