Even though the single was released last month, we’re learning more about the new anthem to the 5th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Disney Resort, “Magical Surprise.”

What’s Happening:

  • On Thursday, the Shanghai Disney Resort kicked off their 5th Birthday Celebration, The Year of Magical Surprises.
  • As part of that occasion, they recently unveiled “Magical Surprise,” an all-new song capturing the theme of the special celebration.
  • The song, written by Chris Sernel, an American recording artist and Grammy-nominated producer, and Jeff Lewis, a songwriter for films and a contestant on season 4 of The Voice, co-produced by Jeff, Chris, Leo Shahar and Yaron Spiwak, Senior Music Producer and Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, was written and submitted in English first but was adapted by the local team to a Mandarin version that kept the same spirit and message as the original.
  • There are actually many versions of the song you will be able to hear in the park during the Year of Magical Surprises, from the use of an instrumental version of the song in a fun wand toy, to the Disney “Surprise!” Show at the Pepsi E-Stage in Tomorrowland and during the Magical Surprise Pre-Parade, with additional “Magical Surprise” versions to come.

What They’re Saying:

  • Yaron Spiwak, Senior Music Producer & Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering: “We loved the idea of a song with a Pop sound. The team wanted to capture the park’s identity and incorporate some classic Disney magic, which I think we ultimately achieved! This year’s campaign is the Year of Magical Surprises, which features many surprise activities and offerings throughout the park. The song references the magical surprises that guests and families can experience together only in our parks. We wanted a song that is contemporary but could be easily adapted to parades, stage shows and as a single on the radio. We also knew that we wanted a solo singer for it with a lot of group vocals throughout. One of the reasons we picked this song was because of the clever way the crowd answers to the singer “Surprise!” (almost like in a surprise birthday party) on the choruses. In meetings, sometimes that’s how we referred to the song – by shouting “Surprise!” to one another. I really hope this will become a Disney park favorite! It can be a challenge to keep the classic Disney magic while adding some contemporary spices and flavors to it! I feel very lucky to have helped create music for such a special occasion!”