Marvel and Adidas have teamed up again to create some more uncanny new footwear. One of Marvel’s most popular super teams, the X-Men, serves as the inspiration for these new soccer cleats from Adidas.

  • Marvel gave us the first look at these two new X-Men-inspired soccer cleats, with designs based on everyone’s favorite character, Wolverine, and no one’s favorite character, Cyclops.
  • The new Wolverine shoe is actually an update of Adidas’ PREDATOR FREAK with new blockings, colors and graphics inspired by the character.

  • The Cyclops shoe is an updated version of the X GHOSTED with qualities to match those of Cyclops’ adept leadership.

  • The PREDATOR FREAK originally launched in January 2021 and features adidas’ proprietary DEMONSKIN rubber spikes to provide players enhanced grip.
  • The X GHOSTED uses an all-new adidas performance material technology, TRANSLUCENT MIRAGESKIN, which provides super-lightweight stability and support.
  • You can purchase bothe of these new shoes here.
  • This is the second new collaboration between Marvel and Adidas after they recently revealed the new Stark Industries shoes last week.