Time for rewatch! D23 has shared a video showcasing numerous fun facts about the production of and things hidden in the Pixar Animation Studios film, Soul.

What’s Happening:

  • Though Soul, from Pixar Animation Studios, came out last December, fans and critics are still gushing over the film which even earned three Oscar Nominations.
  • D23, the official Disney fan club has shared a video sharing five facts about the film, even though they seem to sneak in a few extra.
  • We begin by learning about Jamie Foxx, the voice of our main character, Joe Gardner. Despite the fact that Foxx provided the voice of the character, we also learn that Joe’s playing style is based on musician Jon Batiste, who also consulted on the film and helped provide the score alongside Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.
  • We also learn that Batiste pitched the idea of having a multi-generational band provide the music for the film, with players ranging from 19 to 95 years old.

  • In the real world, the setting of the film is New York City, and even though artists studied all about the city, the most interesting thing of note is that Director Pete Docter carried over the attitude of the city, noting that when Gardner is running around in the hospital gown and all the other crazy antics because “They’re New Yorkers. Nothing bothers them.”
  • The video also points out special camera techniques adopted for the film, including shallow depths of focus in the real city of New York, and lighter, wider, more gravity-defying camera moves in the astral plane of the Great Before.
  • Interestingly, they also share that the Counselors of the Great Before (or, the “Jerrys”) were some of the most difficult characters Pixar has ever tried to animate. Not so much on paper, but to take the 2-dimensional look into the 3D space that Soul was animated in.
  • And of course, what behind-the-scenes video would be complete without the cheat sheet to finding some easter eggs peppered throughout the movie, including the Pizza Planet truck, A113, and Ball that appears in every Pixar film, as well as some unique ones.
  • Soul is available for streaming on Disney+.
  • More Soul fun can be had when a new short debuts on Disney+ on April 30th, 22 Vs. Earth

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