Funko’s Funkoween 2021 continues, and they have revealed a new Translucent and Glow in the Dark Funko Pop! Figure of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

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What’s Happening:

  • Funkoween 2021 Continues, and today they revealed a special translucent and glow in the dark Funko Pop! Figure of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland.
  • The figure, exclusive to Books-A-Million (BAM!), is a variant of another Cheshire Cat figure that was announced by Funko earlier in the year.
  • The exclusive figure is due out later in the year and can be pre-ordered from Books-A-Million below.

BAM Exclusive Disney Pop! Vinyl – Glow in the Dark Cheshire Cat  Funko

  • Seen in the original 1951 animated classic, Alice In Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is a mysterious, pink and purple striped cat with a mischievous smile. Though he acts as a guide for Alice in her adventures through Wonderland, he also has villainous tendencies finding joy in causing Alice trouble on her quest to find the White Rabbit. He can also appear and disappear at will, taking part in the nonsensical events of the Tulgey Wood and beyond.
  • If you aren’t interested in a glow in the dark version of the classic character, you can still pre-order the standard Cheshire Cat Funko Pop! Figure below from Entertainment Earth, ahead of its release next month.

Alice in Wonderland 70th Anniversary Cheshire Cat Translucent Pop! Vinyl Figure