Today, Disneyland Paris is showing off the new costumes that Cast Members will be wearing at the new Cars ROAD TRIP at Walt Disney Studios Park when it reopens on June 17th!

What’s Happening:

  • Cars ROAD TRIP Cast Members are ready to take you for a ride through the nature-made and Cars-made sights along the most legendary highway of the American Southwest. And they’ve already suited up with their new outfits!
  • Today, Disneyland Paris has revealed the new costumes that Cast Members will be wearing at the new Cars ROAD TRIP, opening at the Walt Disney Studios Park when the parks reopen on June 17th.

  • Rev your engine for Cars ROAD TRIP, where Cruz Ramirez and Sally Carrera are here to steer you through today’s tour. Pay attention, sit tight, and get your camera ready for the nature-made and Cars-made sights you’re about to see and experience.
  • First stop: A nutty roadside attraction! Snap a pic and don’t forget to wave to Lightning (Flash) McQueen, Luigi, and Guido at the World’s Largest Lugnut.
  • Second stop: Power shower! There’s nothing like a natural car wash in a flash flood for some extra shower power. See how a huge water tanker likes to shake up his cleaning routine in Cars-tastrophe Canyon.
  • Final Stop: An Artistic Mater-piece! Mater is well known for his impressive junkyard creations. Today he’s debuting his latest Mater-piece– can you guess what it is? Honk if you love this motor monument!
  • Cars ROAD TRIP is a wonderful reimagining of the park’s Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic. The tram tour featured a replica of the popular Catastrophe Canyon experience from Disney-MGM Studios/Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Backlot Tour, as well as a unique experience through the charred remains of London in a Reign of Fire-based scene.
  • The new attraction will open with Walt Disney Studios Park on June 17th.

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