DCappella Releases Single, Music Video for “This Is Me” in Celebration of Pride Month

In celebration of Pride month, DCappella has released an all-new single and music video for the song “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.  

What’s Happening:

  • DCappella celebrates Pride Month with the release of the “This Is Me” music video and single available today.  
  • The song from “The Greatest Showman” is an unapologetic declaration of identity and a message of resilience and empowerment.

  • The track subsequently became an anthem for the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride celebrations. DCappella’s version can be heard on the DisneyPRIDE playlists.
  • Beyond the single and video, the members of DCappella have each recorded “This Is Me” personal stories, which will be shared individually across DCappella’s social platforms beginning June 5.
  • Fans are encouraged to share their own “This Is Me” stories, tagging the group. The winning entry will receive a special personalized message from DCappella.


What They’re Saying:

  • Nina Kramer Video Director: “What's really moving about this project for me personally is that we cast real queer people for every vignette. As a young queer director, it was important to me that I felt like I was doing the most I could to represent as many people as possible in organic settings. There was no world where we were going to cast straight actors to play out faux scenes about queer people's everyday lives. Prior to shooting, I met with each person and chatted about their experiences, which helped me tailor the scenes to reflect their actual day-to-day lives.”
  • Orlando Dixon: “I’m really proud of what was created for our ‘This Is Me’ video. Nina’s vision was so real and connected while still holding space for so many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community to be seen, and that’s what I loved most about it. As a Black, gay man constantly advocating for myself in the spaces I exist in, representation in layers is important to me. And, this wasn’t like any other video I’ve done with DCappella thus far. I’ve always believed that the seven of us, coming from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, could tell stories and carry messages like this because it’s true to who we are as a collective.”
  • Joe Santoni: “Truly, I believe acceptance as a whole is only progressing forward with more people being able to speak openly and confidently about their identity and pride. Being a gay man who works for Disney, I have never felt ashamed of being unabashedly myself and they have welcomed that with the most open arms. To have the chance to sing ‘This Is Me,’ a powerful, charged, anthem is such an honor because I feel like we are spreading the word of acceptance and love even further with the power of Disney behind us. We can always strive for greater heights, but I’m so happy to be there for every step of the way.”

The Voices of DCappella:

  • Disney Music Group’s premier a cappella singing sensation featuring 7 world-class vocalists:
    • Antonio Fernandez/vocal percussion
    • Joe Santoni/bass
    • Kalen Kelly/mezzo
    • Kelly Denice Taylor/alto
    • Morgan Keene/soprano
    • Orlando Dixon/baritone
    • RJ Woessner/tenor

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