Marvel Teases “The Last of the Marvels” Storyline Coming to Captain Marvel Comic This September

Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel will be getting a new storyline this fall titled “The Last of the Marvels.” While Marvel hasn’t revealed any secrets yet to what’s coming, they have teased the run with a promotional cover.

What’s Happening:

  • Higher, further, faster, baby!
  • There are so many exciting stories waiting to be told in the pages of Marvel comics, and today, the company has teased an upcoming run for Captain Marvel.  
  • Sharing only a sample cover, Marvel revealed a new comic storyline “The Last of the Marvels” will be debuting in September.
  • The story begins in issue #32 and will be written by Kelly Thompson with artwork by Sergio Davila.

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  • The second Captain Marvel movie in the MCU is titled The Marvels and will see our heroine joined by Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and a grown-up Monica Rambeau.

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