[email protected]: Marvel’s “X-Men” Writers Discuss Recent Events and the Future of Mutant Comics

Marvel kicked off their [email protected] presence today with their “Marvel: Comics: X-Men” panel today. Writers of your favorite mutant-based comics came together to recap recent events and discuss the future of their various comics.

  • The panel was hosted by Agent M himself, Ryan Penagos, and featured five writers:
    • Jordan D. White, Senior Editor
    • Gerry Duggan
    • Vita Ayala
    • Benjamin Percy
    • Leah Williams
  • The panel began with Whie recapping the recent Hellfire Gala and highlighting some of the major events that occurred during that storyline, like the murder of the Scarlet Witch.
  • They then got into discussion about the various X-books this talented group of writers is currently working on, including:
    • X-Men
    • Marauders
    • Children of the Atom
    • New Mutants
    • X-Force
    • Wolverine
    • X-Men: The Trial of Magneto
  • Specifically, Duggan gave fans a tease regarding what’s coming in the future of his recently-started “X-Men” series, saying the team is representing not just Krakoa but all of Earth and there will be some new threats coming from other worlds.
  • He went on to promise “some non traditional X-Men villains” as well as some “old favorites of Stan [Lee] and Jack [Kirby].”
  • All throughout their conversation, they also took time to answer questions from fans.
  • They discussed some of the their favorite moments in the X-Comics since the “House of X” story changed the path of mutants everywhere. Some of the answers included the formation of the Krakoan CIA and the handshake between Xavier and Apocalypse.
  • We even got to hear a real world story about Duggan threatening a potential carjacker with a shillelagh.
  • The crew of writers were also asked about Mister Sinister’s presence on Krakoa, how they voted in the first ever X-Men election and the upcoming “Inferno” story arc.
  • You can watch the full “Marvel Comics: X-Men” [email protected] panel below:

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