Zhuri James Joins Janie and Jack to Kick off New Collection and Campaign “Everyone’s A Princess”

Fashion brand Janie and Jack has launched a new clothing collection inspired by Disney Princesses and accompanied by the campaign “Everyone’s A Princess.” Joining them for this magical launch is 6-year-old Zhuri Nova James (daughter of LeBron and Savannah James) who’s using her platform to invite others to share their acts of kindness and courage.    

via @allthingszhuri Instagram

via @allthingszhuri Instagram

What’s Happening:

  • Earlier this year, Disney kicked off their Ultimate Princess Celebration focusing on the attributes of kindness and courage.
  • Joining in the celebration is children's fashion brand Janie and Jack as they launch a new collection as part of their own campaign, “Everyone's A Princess.”

  • The limited-edition collection features styles inspired by iconic Disney Princess characters:
    • Ariel
    • Belle
    • Cinderella
    • Tiana
  • The “Everyone's A Princess” campaign shares the message that every child can be a princess when they embody the various attributes of a Disney Princess, such as courage and kindness.

Princesses Everywhere:

  • Janie and Jack is also working with Zhuri Nova James, the 6-year-old daughter of LeBron & Savannah James, to kick off the campaign with the call to action for kids across the country to share their own acts of kindness and courage using the hashtag #UltimatePrincessCelebration.

  • Along with Zhuri, “Everyone’s A Princess” is highlighting five kids who embody what it means to be a princess through their incredible personal stories, including:
    • Lola Marie – an 8-year-old with spina bifida who created a nail polish brand after being bullied in school in hopes to raise enough money to take kids in wheelchairs like herself to Disney World.
    • Skylar Catron – a 7-year-old from South Carolina on a mission to spread kindness by making and sharing friendship bracelets in her hometown.
    • Madison Presser – a 4-year-old from Connecticut who raised money for Feeding America during the COVID-19 pandemic with remakes of iconic movie scenes.
    • Nayeli Blankenbaker – a 6-year-old who collected donations for the homeless in lieu of birthday presents.
    • Lilly Bumpus – an 8-year-old cancer survivor who sold over 30k boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Customers and fans of the brand alike are invited to join in the campaign by showing how everyone's a princess through their own acts of kindness and courage. Follow @janieandjack to see inspirational stories.

What They’re Saying:

  • Shelly Walsh, President, Janie and Jack: "As a brand committed to celebrating differences, I'm especially excited to introduce our Disney Princess-inspired collection and campaign. We're blown away by the incredible stories we've heard throughout this project, and we hope that we can encourage our community to join in on spreading this message."