Latest Episode of “What’s Up, Disney+” Talks About “Diary of a Future President”

In the latest episode of What’s Up, Disney+, Jenny and Andre celebrate the return of Diary of a Future President to Disney+



What’s Happening:

  • In the latest episode of What’s Up, Disney+, Jenny Lorenzo and Andre Meadows celebrate the release of season two of Diary of a Future President as we hear from the cast and creator of the series.

  • The episode starts off with Jenny and Andre giving a quick recap of the events that happened in season one of the show before we turn our attention to the cast and creator of the series as they talk about how it feels to return for the new season.
  • The cast in the talk include Tess Romero who plays Elena, Ilana Peña the creator of the series, Charlie Bushnell who plays Bobby, and Selenis Leyva who plays Gabi.
  • Want to learn more? Check out Marshal’s review of season two here.

More on Diary of a Future President:

  • Recounted through excerpts from 13-year-old Elena's diary, this coming-of-age series follows Elena through the ups and downs of middle school which sets her on the path to becoming the President of the United States.  
  • Season two continues the origin story of Cuban American and future leader Elena Cañero-Reed as she enters the seventh grade.
  • Created by showrunner Ilana Peña (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and loosely inspired by Peña's own adolescence, the series has been lauded for its authentic portrayal of a Latinx tween and her friends and family.

All episodes of season one and two of Diary of a Future President are now streaming on Disney+.

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