Universal Orlando To Host Exclusive In-Park Events and Gameplay For “Jurassic World Alive” Mobile Game

Guests to Universal Orlando who also play Jurassic World Alive on their mobile devices will be in for a treat on their next visit, as Universal Orlando has revealed that exclusive in-park events will take place at the park!

What’s Happening:

  • Earlier today, Universal Orlando tweeted that you can download the mobile game, Jurassic World Alive, and participate in exclusive in park events.
  • While they didn’t give many details beyond that, the post also includes a picture of a mobile device using the Augmented Reality feature of the game with one of the game’s velociraptors in front of the Jurassic World Velocicoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. 
  • In Jurassic World Alive, Dinosaurs have returned to rule the Earth. They have fled Jurassic World on the volatile island of Isla Nublar and roam free in your towns and villages! Players play as a new member of the Dinosaur Protection Group and your mission is to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Explore the surroundings to find your favorite dinosaurs, as well as new species that are more impressive and terrifying than ever. Players can track these magnificent creatures using a drone to collect DNA samples that you can use to create and improve hybrids in your lab, then assemble the perfect battle team to face dangerous threats in real-time PvP battle arenas.
  • The game play is very similar to the ultra-popular Pokemon Go! Where players physically move and walk around to increase their collection of Dinosaurs.
  • In the past, Universal Studios Hollywood has hosted events for the game where high-value supply packs appeared on players maps with rare dinosaurs and other hard-to-get items. And even at three years old, the game still has a popular following and other events take place weekly.
  • It is unclear at this time if the Universal Orlando offering in the game will be a limited-time event, or will be in place indefinitely.
  • Despite the tweet from Universal Orlando, which said “Hold on to your butts, we’re in a video game!,” this is not the first time the Jurassic Park section of the park has been featured in a video game. Other parks fans were quick to point out, especially on social media, the former Universal Studios: Theme Park Adventure game for the Nintendo GameCube which offered nine mini-games hosted by Woody Woodpecker. One of those games was based on the Jurassic Park attractions at the Universal Studios Parks, alongside Back to the Future, Backdraft, and E.T. based games, definitely putting a timestamp on when the game was released.

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