Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Set to Reopen November 4 at Disneyland

It won’t be long before Disneyland guests can once again hop aboard the wildest ride in the wilderness! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is set to reopen at Disneyland on November 4th.

  • Disneyland announced the reopening date for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in addition to an increase in price for park tickets.
  • Disneyland issued the following statement regarding the reopening:
    • "We are also thrilled to welcome back the Disneyland Monorail and also, the wildest ride in the wilderness, Big Thunder Mountain, which is expected on November 4."
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been closed for a scheduled refurbishment since early September and was planned to reopen on November 5th, though it appears the target date has been moved up by a day.

About Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (via Disneyland):

  • Legend has it that after gold was discovered in the 1850s, eerie incidents took place in the mine. Trains would take off and race through tunnels… by themselves.
  • As you enter the cursed cavern, your train speeds up along the rickety track. Shoot under a booming waterfall and dodge a falling boulder from an unexpected landslide as you swoop around sharp turns and drop into desolate canyons. On this rip-roaring adventure, you may learn that some legends turn out to be true…
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fast rollercoaster-type attraction designed for kids and adults. However, some sections of this attraction are bumpy and take place in the dark.

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