Lucasfilm Publishing Releases Concept Art for Rhil Dario Character from “Star Wars: The High Republic”

This past summer, the second wave of Star Wars: The High Republic novels and comic books introduced us to new characters and locations like the planet Valo, where the grand Republic Fair was being held. Covering that fair in-universe was GoNet news reporter Rhil Dario, a character created by author Cavan Scott for the acclaimed novel Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm.

Today released new concept art depicting Rhil Dario for the first time, giving fans a peek at what the recently introduced character would look like in illustrated form, partnered with fascinating interview snippets from both Scott and artist MinJi Yoon.

What’s happening:

  • Lucasfilm Publishing has released new concept art by artist MinJi Yoon for the Star Wars: The High Republic character of Rhil Dairo via
  • Rhil Dairo was introduced in the novel Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm written by author Cavan Scott, which was released in June. She has yet to appear in any other stories.
  • Dairo is a human female who serves as a reporter for the GoNet news organization, and has a cybernetic implant that allows her to “stay connected to her faithful droid T-9.”

What they’re saying:

  • Author Cavan Scott: “I’ve always been fascinated how news would work in a galaxy, far far away, from the state-controlled broadcasts of the Empire to a more open news service in the times of the Republic. An event like the Republic Fair gave me the chance to explore that more fully. As one of Lina Soh’s Great Works, the Fair would have obviously been a media circus and it also gave me a chance to look at how the public view the Jedi at this point in galactic history, including, of course, the High Council’s poster boy Stellan Gios.”
  • Artist MinJi Yoon: “When designing Rhil, I gave her highly functional outfits so she’s able to move around in the field with ease, then added some of the more decorative High Republic-era elements in the trim of her vest, pants, and belt. Her cybernetic implant is inspired by Lobot’s from the original trilogy but with a screen that can project over her eye when needed. For VT-9, I referenced parts of old video camcorders like the large lens and recording light, which were combined with the tech of existing Star Wars droids.”

Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm is available now wherever books are sold.