Marvel Shares Interesting Tease for the Aftermath of “Death of Doctor Strange”

Marvel shared an interesting tease regarding the ongoing comic event “Death of Doctor Strange.” It appears the Marvel Universe will soon be graced with a brand new Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Coming in March, the aftermath of “Death of Doctor Strange” leads into a new ongoing series starring the new Sorcerer Supreme
  • No further information on this upcoming follow up to the current series has been shared at this time but be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details.

About “Death of Doctor Strange”:

  • Written by Jed MacKay with art by Lee Garbett, “Death of Doctor Strange” is a five issue epic that explores the mystery behind Strange’s demise and introduces the dangerous new threats that emerge when Earth is left without its’ fierce mystical protector.
  • The Marvel Universe stands at the brink of destruction and the deadly new trio of villains, the Three Mothers and their master, the Peregrine Child, are about to claim victory. Will Strange’s murderer have the last laugh? It all comes down to one last trick from the young, time-traveling Doctor Strange.
  • MacKay, now signed as an exclusive writer for Marvel Comics, promises that this final chapter will open the door to an exciting future for Doctor Strange and Marvel’s magical heroes.
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