“The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” Renewed for Second Season

Oh Boy! The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse has been renewed for a second season on Disney+, according to CBR.com.

  • The second season of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse will consist of four extended-length episodes based on the fours seasons.
  • The season will premiere in winter 2022.
  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse premiered in November on Disney+, with a 10-episode season, consisting of seven-minute shorts featuring Mickey, Minnie and all their friends.

What they’re saying:

  • Executive producer/supervising director Paul Rudish: "When I was developing the shorts in the early days, I was trying to do a little forensics. What makes Mickey popular? Dissecting it. I think it [originated from] silent cartoons and that style of trying to put all the storytelling in visually rather than verbally. That was always baked into Mickey Mouse. All the pantomime type of acting, all the weird rubber hose animation, and whatnot were fun. They weren't relying on the dialogue to deliver the jokes — that translated better in other markets, in other countries — so you weren't relying on the language. You were doing humor that everyone could relate to. I compare that to Bugs Bunny. The Looney Tunes stuff is great, but Bugs Bunny, he's sharp with his dialogue. He's witty. That's not really Mickey's game. Mickey's pretty simple. Finding that kernel set the tone for us. And again, that tone was set by Walt Disney and Ube Iwerks, so it was just going back in Mickey's history and going, 'Why are these cartoons great? Okay, what can we learn from that? How can we help perpetuate those ideas that actually Walt and Ube had set in motion?"
  • Rudish, on the format of Season 2: "[Disney] wondered if there was a way that they could put a spin on it. They felt like we've got a huge library of shorts now and [wondered] if there was a way we could do something that they could billboard, or point to and say, 'This is something different?' They talked about the holiday specials that we had done previously, the Halloween and the Christmas specials. They were talking a little bit about programming ideas and stuff. They told me, 'We usually air things in the four quarters. We like to have these four quadrants throughout the year. We'd like to do something that we could wave a flag around.'"