New Stitch Happy Meal Toys Available Now at McDonald’s

Ohana means family and your whole family can now head to McDonald’s and pick up a brand new Stitch Happy Meal plush toy.

  • Starting today, February 8th, Happy Meal toys featuring everyone’s favorite little blue experiment are now available at McDonald’s.
  • Each of these eight toys features a different version of Stitch.
  • Each new plush toy comes with a loop so you can hang them on display.

The list of Stitch McDonald’s Happy Meal toys includes:

  • Experiment Stitch
  • Surfin’ Stitch
  • Cool Stitch
  • Ukelele Stitch
  • Mischief Stitch
  • Hula Stitch
  • Sippin’ Stitch
  • Sittin’ Stitch

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