Disney Pin Mania! Sam Eagle, “Turning Red” and More Styles Pop Up at shopDisney

One of the simplest ways to start or grow a Disney collection is with pins and shopDisney just got a new shipment that features characters from animated classics, upcoming movies, the Muppets and more!

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What’s Happening:

  • Is it time to resume your Disney pin collection? Well if you're a fan of the Muppets, Beauty and the Beast, Turning Red, Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella, then yes!
  • shopDisney has added some colorful new pins to their lineup that celebrates the films and characters mentioned above.
  • All these new pins are available on shopDisney. Links to the individual items can be found below.

Disney Pins

Today marks President’s Day 2022 so naturally there’s a Muppets themed display piece that shows a patriotic Sam Eagle celebrating the holiday.

Sam Eagle President's Day 2022 Pin – The Muppets – Limited Release – $17.99

Turning Red (coming to Disney+ March 11th) gives us two fantastic styles of Mei living her best life as a red panda bear. She’s even taking her best friends along for the ride.

Turning Red Cast Pin – Limited Release – $9.99

Mei as Panda Pin – Turning Red – $17.99

You can get two pins for the price of one with this set of Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum Pin Set – Alice in Wonderland – $15.99

Beauty and the Beast delivers a 2-Piece Mystery Pack of pins showing important scenes from the movie that are shaped in “Windows of Love.” There are a total of 9 pins featuring characters like Belle, Beast, Gaston, the enchantress and more.

Beauty and the Beast ''Windows of Love'' Mystery Pin Blind Pack – 2-Pc. – Limited Release – $15.99

Another Beauty and the Beast pin is a group or “family” image of those in Beast’s employ who’ve been transformed into enchanted objects.

Beauty and the Beast Family Pin – $19.99

Finally, there’s another family pin, this time themed to Cinderella that brings together the Fairy Godmother, Gus, Jaq, Bruno, Lucifer and some singing birds for a delightful picture.

Cinderella Family Pin – $19.99

Find all these pin styles, flair charms and more on shopDisney and brings some charm to your ever growing collection!