shopDisney Debuts Improved Virtual Waiting Room Format

Fans eager to add the latest Sitch Crashes Disney series to their collection, flocked to shopDisney this morning and as usual, had to endure the Virtual Waiting Room before they could begin their shopping. However, today’s experience was a little bit different than the previous iteration and much more informative.

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What’s Happening:

  • As series 10 in the Stitch Crashes Disney collection debuted on shopDisney this morning, the company also introduced a new version of their Virtual Waiting that made it easier for guests to know what was available and how long they’d be waiting.
  • For about a year now, shopDisney has been using a virtual waiting room on the site when they release in-demand items and collectibles. This practice seemingly helps to organize shoppers and keep the site from crashing due to too much traffic, while giving guests a limited time to complete their transaction before sending them back to the waiting room.
  • While all these parameters remain in place, today’s Virtual Waiting Room had a new look and more information about the release.

  • Guests visiting shopDisney at about 5 minutes till 7am PT were greeted with a colorful page that stated which items were in stock for the special release and included:
  • After being granted access to the waiting room, the page changed and showed a progress bar and listed how many guests were in line ahead of you before eventually letting you on the site.

  • The experience was nearly identical on desktop and mobile.

  • This new design and format was the least stressful Virtual Waiting Room we’ve experienced so far and hopefully this means good things for the future.

Good to Know:

  • Whenever we report on a big release on shopDisney our team member uses multiple browsers to access the Virtual Waiting Room. Typically this consists of:
    • Google Chrome (standard window and incognito window)
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • In their experience today, Opera was the first to let them in and had the shortest line of guests. However the line moved quickly on the other tabs/windows which all opened at the same time just a few minutes later.

Stitch is Still Crashing Disney:

  • Normally releases like this sell out, however, all items in the Stitch Crashes Disney Series 10 – Pocahontas, remain available as of publication.  

Stitch Crashes Disney Plush – Pocahontas – 12'' – Limited Release

Stitch Crashes Disney Jumbo Pin – Pocahontas – Limited Release

Stitch Crashes Disney Two-Tone Coffee Mug – Pocahontas – Customized

Stitch Crashes Disney T-Shirt for Adults – Pocahontas – Customized