Disney Postpones Management Retreat as CEO Bob Chapek Deals with Backlash from Response to “Don’t Say Gay Bill”

During a town hall meeting today. Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that Disney would be postponing their management retreat, according to Deadline.

  • The Disney management retreat was planned for next week before Chapek announced the postponement.
  • This news comes as many of Disney’s LGBTQ+ employees are planning a full-day walkout tomorrow (Tuesday, March 22).
  • During the town hall, Chapek reportedly repeated his regret that the company didn’t take a stand against the bill and agreed that the company should stand up more for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Chapek issued a statement regarding the bill and in support fo the LGBTQ+ community just a little over a week ago.
  • Former Disney CEO Bob Iger tweeted his disapproval of the bill weeks ago.
  • In lieu of the management retreat, Disney plans to have their leadership go on a listening tour with employees.
  • Deadline reports that a “growing number” of participants in the retreat were reluctant to attend given the current climate at the company.
  • Chapek has pledged to enlist an outside advisor to guide the company’s efforts and is also planning to create a company-wide task force led by studio’s SVP of Global Communications Paul Roeder and Disney Parks marketing executive Lisa Becket.
  • This taskforce will be dedicated to developing a strategy to engage with LGBTQ+ employees, community partners and content creators.