Behind the Scenes with Disney Imagineers on Jungle Cruise

If you love the classic attraction Jungle Cruise then you will want to see the latest Behind-the-Scenes with Disney Imagineers episode.

What’s Happening:

  • This episode of Behind-the-Scenes with Disney Imagineers is hosted by Mia Jones. She talks with Walt Disney Imagineering Art Director Michael Dobrzycki, who, with the Imagineering team in Anaheim, has been focusing on projects at the Disneyland Park.
  • He’s been a part of the Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland, Space Mountain, Autopia in Tomorrowland, Storybook Land Canal Boats, Fantasyland Theater, and Jungle Cruise.
  • They share that this is an attraction that Walt Disney himself imagined to be the centerpiece of Adventureland. Dobrzycki shared that there is a lot of legacy to look after when it comes to opening day attractions, and it's great to work on them.
  • In this video, there's a lot of fun behind-the-scenes information and things you may not have known about Jungle Cruise.
  • Jones asked if the Jungle Cruise has seen many changes over the years. Dobrzycki said it has fundamentally changed over the years. When it first opened they set this experience up to feel like a real, authentic jungle trip and wanted to give his guests a taste of what the natural world really looked like. One of his first ideas was to include live animals on the jungle cruise. They like to sleep all day and be up all night. Over the years, it changed and is more about fun, laughter, jokes and the Skipper. It went from being a very serious kind of travel log of a jungle trip to the comedic journey that we know today.
  • Dobrzycki also shares a little behind-the-scenes story like the classic joke on the Jungle Cruise, "the backside of water". Dr. Albert Fall is a familiar character here in the Jungle Cruise and they shared how they keep his legacy growing.
  • You can watch the whole video on the Disneyland Magic Key Facebook page below.

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